Meet Our Veterinary Health Care Team


Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Debra Bohnke

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

After a moment of consideration, the baton– twirling nine year old girl decided, I think I’ll be a veterinarian or a lawyer.  After a couple of days of further consideration, she told her Mom, “I think I’ll be a veterinarian. I’m not a very good liar….”  Thus, the crossroads of her life was approached and her path was determined.

And, determined she was! Skipping by all of the patronizing, “Wouldn’t you like to be a teacher”  and the nay-saying, “It’s harder to get into Vet School than Medical school” commentary,  she found herself at the door of Colorado State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Along the years, she’d raised a few cats, gerbils, desert tortoises; rescued some geckos and ground squirrels; worked with several thousand rodents and rabbits, and even a few baboons! It was sealed, from the time she was 15, when she got her first job at Broadway Animal Hospital, that this was the profession for her. It sang to her heart. Through all of the veterinary assistant positions from Tucson to New York, she followed that music as it nurtured her desire to the heal the bodies of animals and the heart and minds of their owners.

Veterinary School was just a way for her to realize that conviction. Here, she Learned, not just to pass the next test. Here, she Learned for Life.

After Veterinary School, she and her best cat friend, Coy, moved to Yuma. The experience was good, but too far from Home. She moved back to Tucson after 2 years. She grew her skills as doctor, dentist, surgeon, grief counselor and  family support assistant as she worked at her favorite hobby every day.

Love from another port also fell into her world upon returning to Tucson when she reconnected with her high school friend, Tom. The boy she had so admired in High School had grown up to be “tall, yet kind”.  After a 4 year romance, he proposed marriage 50 feet underwater in the Bahamas! (How could she say no to a diamond on a reef and an expectant young man holding a dive slate that said “Please”?)

Together, she and Tom had adventures in Italy and scuba diving the Caribbean. They took up home brewing , producing a world class Christmas Ale; discovered Cowboy Action Shooting, dressing up like old West cowboys; and watched Star Trek-Next Gen endlessly. They got married amid candles, brooms, kilts and broken glasses in 1997 (embracing multi-cultural wedding traditions that had personal meaning to them).  After a couple years, Dr. Bohnke and her husband decided to embark on one of “Life’s Greatest Adventures”: having a child!  Celyn, their son, has also grown up to be “tall-yet kind”.  He is the light of his parents’ eyes and promises to be one of the future’s great lawyers.

Family has always been one of the most important forces in Dr. Bohnke’s life. Her Mom and Dad always told her that “you can do anything you put your mind to.” So, she did!  Her husband and his family have been ever supportive. Her beloved family pets have always helped her find peace . Her family of patients and their people have given her the chance to fulfill her purpose in life— to help and heal.

Dr. Bohnke invites you and your pets to become a part of her Cimarron Animal Hospital Family— growing together – here for each other.


Member of the American, Arizona and Southern Arizona Veterinary Medical Associations

Member of the American Animal Hospital Association

Member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners with additional Cat Friendly Certification

Fear Free Practitioner Certification

Position Available – Associate Veterinarian

Veterinarian, DVM or equivalent, associate position with opportunities.  Part or comfortable “full” time. Must have excellent client communication skills, superb medical and surgical skills.  Acquiring at least 20 hours of continuing educations annually.  Must be friendly, confident, team-oriented, efficient and resourceful.  Skilled at typing. Exotics a plus. Join our AAHA compliant practice. Work with the best staff you will ever meet.  Our clients want and do the best for their pets, because they are family, too! Practice real medicine with real people for the welfare of pets owned by families who want the best. Salary, benefits. Contact Rachel.


Business Administrator

Rachel MacDaniels

Rachel leads from behind the scenes. She is responsible for many different areas of Cimarron, from Human Resources, Client Service, Payroll Department, Marketing, In-House IT & Building Maintenance, she handles it all with a ready smile! Rachel has over 20 years of administrative experience and she continues obtaining knowledge through training in Veterinary Managment and the challenges that she’s presented with every day. Rachel feels passionately that every life is precious and loves being a part of a profession where pets’ lives can be prolonged through great medicine. She is a compassionate people-person. She enjoys working with people, helping them solve problems and making their lives better—whether that’s through their pet’s well-being or helping them tackle a personal life challenge. She has a full home with 8 dogs & two cats, most of whom have been rescued from poor living conditions or taken in stray off the desert, that keep her lap full when she is there. Rachel enjoys being creative doing arts & crafts and loves learning as much as she possibly can. She also really loves taking pictures of incoming pets and creating fun photos for their people.


Certified Veterinary Technician- employed since 2005

Denise Chesser

Denise has been caring for small creatures since grade school.  She found her passion and attended school at Michigan State University to become a Certified Veterinary Technician.  She worked with the premier board certified surgeon in Tucson and brings those intensive anesthetic monitor skills to our patients every day, keeping every patient that much safer under anesthesia!  She loves meeting new people and their pets, educating pet parents about all of the amazing ways we can improve their lives through nutrition, exercise and medicine.  She runs her own menagerie of dogs, cats and  tortoises at home with the same love that she brings to work every day.  You might run into her at the gem and mineral show collecting beads for the jewelry that she makes or at one of the downtown music venues supporting the local music talents and businesses.


Certified Veterinary Technician - employed since 2008

Leanne Salois

Leeanne received her Veterinary Assistant Associate’s degree with honors from Pima Medical Institute in November of 2008. She received her Veterinary Technician License.  Every day, she revitalizes her enthusiasm for the profession as she learns new things  and new ways to help sick pets. Leeanne’s outgoing, bubbly personality and infectious smile brighten everyone’s day while her attention to detail keeps patients well managed and clients happy!  Leeanne has also been a professional dog trainer, so we have her expertise for clients who need help with pet behavioral issues.   If you need someone to brighten your day, swing by for a giggle and smile from Leeanne!

Claire Spencer

Certified Veterinary Technician/ Client Service Liaison- employed since 2015

Claire Spencer

Claire is here to solve your pet problems!   She is a graduate of University High School and recently received her Veterinary Technician License from Cedar Valley College under Dr. Bohnke’s sponsorship.  She’s always been fascinated by medicine and has found her niche in the veterinary field.  She loves all animals, especially cats.  She has 2 of her own, Jeremy, a giant orange tabby and  Finn- a grey tabby.  She enjoys hiking, swimming, gardening as well as being the official photographer for the nationally acclaimed Rincon-University High School Marching Band!.  She brings a beaming buoyant light to our Reception area every day!


Client Service Liaison- employed since 2017

Circe Cook

Circe has many years of customer service experience in the human world, but says that she “could not see herself in any other field than veterinary medicine” now that she has had the opportunity to help pets and their people heal from the work that we do!  Circe has two, wonderful children, Megan and Robert. Circe likes to spend time with her family at the Zoo learning about all the different animals, reading and scrapbooking. She is happy-go-lucky and sees the best in everyone!

Maria bio pic

Client Service Liaison/ Veterinary Tech Assistant- employed since 2017

Maria Reyes

Maria – Soft spoken in public, but charming in private, she brings peace and warmth everywhere she goes.  She is a perfect match for the Cimarron Team’s philosophy of honesty, cheer and compassion!  Having worked with rescue dogs and cats, she is passionate about preventive care, further proof that she carries Cimarron’s ideals in her heart! That heart soars when she hears the news that a pet is getting better, and it weeps when a pet or a person is sick or sad.  Her own pets keep her busy at home.  You should see the puppy pile during football games!  For quiet times, Maria reads, scrapbooks and (admits to) binge-watching Netflix (but, really, who doesn’t? Admit it!).  Um… she also actually believes that she speaks fluent puppy and kitten!  How lucky are we?!