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Cats Can Get …WHAT!?

posted by Dr. Deb on November 1st, 2018 in Hospital Announcements

Cat disease, indoor cats
Diabetes (actually becoming an epidemic) Heart Disease
Hyperthyroidism Pancreatitis
Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s disease) Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Pemphigus Periodontal disease
Constipation Inflammatory/ Stress Cystitis
and much more…. DID YOU NOW that Indoor Cats are more at risk of metabolic disease than Outdoor Cats? 
  • Cats who only eat dry or canned food don’t floss their teeth with the fur of his prey with every meal, so they are at high risk of developing dental disease. 
  • Cats who sit around the house, sunning in a window, instead of chasing prey and running away from predators all day, are at high risk of developing obesity related diseases like diabetes. They are also more prone to orthopedic injuries related to poor fitness! 
  • Cats who are confined to a limited space, especially with other cats, are more likely to develop stress related illness like painful bladder inflammation (Yup, it’s a stress thing in cats (and women)!).
These conditions are often painful and life-limiting, but they can be treated!  The earlier they are treated, the easier it is, too!  Just changing a cat’s diet, for instance, or changing his environment can go a long way toward reversing or slowing different disease conditions.  “I diagnosed my 13 year old Kitty, “Spot” with kidney failure during an annual Sr “wellness” screen. All I did was change his diet and he lived another 3 1/2 years without needing any medication at all!  During the last 6 months of his life, I kept him happy and comfortable with some medication that rubbed into his ear flap once a day.  That was 4 years of great quality of life, with little effort on my part, because of a Senior early disease detection screen.  I’m really happy I did it, even though he “seemed perfectly healthy”!” ~ Dr Deb Bohnke Get your kitties to the vet this month!  Don’t let them suffer in silence!  After all, they deserve the same kindness as the dog, right? 😉

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