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Cimarron Animal Hospital Embraces Fear Free Pet Experience

posted by Dr. Deb on August 19th, 2018 in Other

Dr Deb Bohnke is now a CERTIFIED Fear Free Professional! 

While we’ve always wanted our patients to be a stress- free as possible, we’re even better now!  During 8 hours of continuing education, Dr. Bohnke learned even more tricks to help pets have a better experience during vet visits!  Our staff is actively employing our new techniques and tools with every patient to ind what works best for every individual pet that visits!  And it’s working!  Pets are happier, less aggressive, less fearful, more outgoing!  Which makes the whole visit more FUN!   Here’s how we are making a better vet visit:
  • Offering to move you and your pet to an exam room sooner, so you can let your pet off leash or out of its carrier to get accustomed to the room and explore on his own terms.
  • Continuous touch gradient to communicate calm expectations through body language
  • Considerate Approach to the patient to avoid overwhelming him
  • Massage of soothing pressure points during the exam
  • Distraction techniques like better treats, toys make the visit more fun for you and your pet
  • Soothing music in the exam rooms- good for people, too!
  • Pheromones ( Feliway and Adaptil ) that mimic kitty cheek gland scents and dog  milk gland scents – what’s more soothing than that?  These help to down regulate the sympathetic (flight or fright) nervous system
  • Swaddling blankets, Thundershirts, Thoracic wraps, Calming Caps and Doggles induce a state of calm
  • Therapeutic Laser to induce endorphins– you can’t even feel it! It just works great on cats!
  • Pre-Visit Sedation available on request.  Newer drugs, smarter drug “cocktails” give us more options, even for sick and elderly pets!  Call ahead for a  Kitty and Canine Calming Kit .
  • More proactive in clinic sedation—  with safer drugs we can sedate even elderly and sick patients!  Sometimes we can reverse the sedation and they don’t even have a “hangover!” 
  • Pet Parent education on crate training ad car training to make the trip to and from the clinic less stressful
  • Cat FriendlyCertification by the American Association of Feline Practitioners means that our doctors and staff take extra continuing education in considerate cat handling of cats and we have modified the clinic to accommodate the sensitivities of kitties!  This makes the cat visit more Fear Free!  See How We Are Cat Friendly Certified
  • Happy Visits are just for fun (and free)!  Come in with your pet’s favorite treats, a comforting blanket or article of clothing from home and just hang out for a few minutes.  Let our staff give treats and walk your pet around the clinic, do some comfort and relaxation training.  Call ahead to schedule during our quiet times so we can give your pet the best experience. 
  • Monday 12:00 pm-2:00 pm*
    Tuesday 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm
    Wednesday 9:00 am- 2:00 pm
    Thursday 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm
    Friday 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm*
    Saturday 12:00 pm- 1:30 pm
                   *Other times may be available depending on schedule, call ahead
Fear Free handling and reducing Fear, Anxiety and Stress FAS in pets during visits is (surprisingly) a new and innovative way of managing pets in veterinary clinics.  It’s changing the profession’s “just get ‘er done” approach to pet exams.  It’s making veterinary health teams consider not just the physical well-being of their patients, but their emotional well-being as well.   Sure, for some pet owners, a pet is “just an animal”.  All this “fuss” might seem silly.  But for pet parents whose pets are their children, Fear Free is the only way to treat them!  Our team at Cimarron wanted to get in on the ground floor of this veterinary care revolution because of one of our patients (just ike our own pets) is a precious being! If you want a more stress free experience for your pet, see the handouts below.  Bring them in or discuss them with our scheduler when you make your pet’s appointment.  

Find other Fear Free tips in our Fear Free Library 

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