Curbside Check In and Telehealth Exams – Cimarron’s New Services

Your Cimarron Team wants you to feel safe bringing your pet in to the clinic, so this is what we’re doing to help control the spread of COVID-19 as businesses reopen:

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Curbside Check In.  If you would prefer not to come into the clinic, we will send our Pet Valet out to your car to collect your pet and the  medical history questions.  Our Pet Valet will bring your pet inside for his/ her exam with the Doctor. Your Doctor will then call you on your cell phone or come out to your car to discuss the findings.  Our Client Service Liaison will call you for payment over the phone.  After we’ve finished, your pet and anything he needs will be delivered back to your car!  Just let us know that you would like Curbside Check In when you make your appointment!

Curbside check-in has been pretty chill for most of the pets-- even the high strung ones!

Bob is usual pretty high strung when he comes in. Curbside check-in seems to be fine with him!

Fill Out your paperwork from home and Submit for easier service!

Health Screening Questions. We know they are a little invasive.  We’ve all suffered them.  Know that we aren’t going to deny your pet service, regardless of your answers.  We will just take extra precautions so that we don’t get sick, so we can continue to be here for you!  If you have been sick within the last 2 weeks, please let us know.  And, if so, please consider postponing and Wellness services for your pet for a couple weeks.  Of course, if your pet is sick or in pain, PLEASE bring him, regardless.  Just let us know your status as well!  (Plus, we just Care- about People, too!)

Image result for dog on the phoneTelemedicine Appointments.  Stay at home and still get your pet’s care.  We can schedule phone, video or text chats for appointments that don’t require the Doctor to actually touch your pet!  This is especially useful for recheck appointments and behavior appointments.  If you think this might be an option in your pet’s case, ask your Client Service Representative!  * These “Televet Consults” do have a fee, but are less expensive than in clinic visits.

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 As a medical facility, we are pretty sanitary already, but we have increased our human contagious disease protection to include:

  • Spraying or wiping down counters, door knobs, door frames, drawer pulls, sinks, faucets, toilet handles and seats, chair arms and backs, phones, computer keyboards and mouses (mice?)— anything people touch.
  • Staff members with upper respiratory symptoms will be asked to stay home.
  •  Hand sanitizer or soap is available in all rooms for use by staff and clients
  • We are asking clients who are ill to please let us know before coming in the clinic.  We are happy to provide Pet Valet Service for you.  If you prefer to come inside, we ask you to wear a mask — for all our safety.
  • We encourage our clients to wear face masks— just in case.  We do!

Together, we humans will weather this storm with a little extra vigilance in good hygiene and the kindness of heart that is in all animal lovers.

From the CDC:

  •  At this time, there is no indication that COVID-19 is contagious from humans to animals.  HOWEVER, the CDC is recommending that people sick with Coronavirus minimize exposure to pets (no snuggling your pets if you are isolated due to illness  Image result for sad face emoji)—just in case…
  • While Coronavirus does not spread easily from porous/ rough surfaces, pet fur could be a source of infection to another human.  Just another reason to minimize contact with your pet if YOU are sick– for the sake of your loved ones.  And let us know if you have been sick while living with your pet.