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Recover your Lost Pets – HomeAgain ™ Microchip

Permanent Identification Recovers Lost Pets
10,000,000 dogs and cats are lost in the US every year. One out of 3 pets is lost during its lifetime. Only 1 in 10 of those is ever returned to its home. 50% of dogs and 70% of cats are found without ID. Microchipping your pet will increase its chances of getting back home to you!
If you travel with your pet; if your pet goes outside off leash, even in its own back yard; if your pet sneaks out the door; if you ever have guests or children who might leave the door or gate open, let us Microchip your Pet. A simple office visit procedure and registration process that we do for you, could help you recover your family’s best friend.
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50% of Older Cats Suffer Arthritis Pain

50% of cats over 10 years of age have radiographic evidence of arthritis of the elbows, hips, knees, and especially the spine! Yet, most pet owners don’t even know! Cat’s sign of arthritis are much more subtle than dogs’ signs. Limping is an uncommon signs of arthritis in cats. The cat that is simply less active, jumps less frequently onto previously favored perches, tries to jump up but hesitates or doesn’t quite make it up,  may be suffering from arthritis pain. There are now several very effective, safe medications for treating arthritis pain in cats!  And, of course, localized arthritis pain can be treated with Laser Therapy here at Cimarron. If you are suspicious of arthritis in your cat, be sure to tell our Doctors. We can help your feline friend feel spry again.
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Arizona Desert Risks to our Pets

Our Desert presents a number of unique health risks to pets.

  • Extreme, Dry Heat. Pets get dehydrated quickly in our hot, dry weather. Here are some tips for keeping your pets cool and well hydrated in our scorching weather… Continue reading
  • Valley Fever is a potentially fatal fungal infection that pets in the desert southwest of the United States get from inhaling spores from the soil. Dogs are especially susceptible. Some dogs more than others… Continue reading
  • Tick Fever is a disease caused by a blood parasite, called Ehrlichia, that is injected into a pet’s bloodstream when the tick bites the pet. It only takes one bite from an infected tick to cause a potentially lethal infection… Continue reading
  • Poisonous Animals and Insects are common in our environment, whether you live in rural areas or in the city. Most of our biting/ stinging wildlife cause only minor discomfort, but others can be deadly… Continue reading
  • Rattlesnakes are our biggest pet health threat in the desert. Bites should always be taken seriously, and always be treated by a veterinarian… Continue reading

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