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Arizona Desert Risks to our Pets

Our Desert presents a number of unique health risks to pets.
  • Extreme, Dry Heat. Pets get dehydrated quickly in our hot, dry weather. Here are some tips for keeping your pets cool and well hydrated in our scorching weather…
  • Valley Fever is a potentially fatal fungal infection that pets in the desert southwest of the United States get from inhaling spores from the soil. Dogs are especially susceptible. Some dogs more than others… 
  • Tick Fever is a disease caused by a blood parasite, called Ehrlichia, that is injected into a pet’s bloodstream when the tick bites the pet. It only takes one bite from an infected tick to cause a potentially lethal infection… 
  • Poisonous Animals and Insects are common in our environment, whether you live in rural areas or in the city. Most of our biting/ stinging wildlife cause only minor discomfort, but others can be deadly… 
  • Rattlesnakes are our biggest pet health threat in the desert. Bites should always be taken seriously, and always be treated by a veterinarian…

Learn More about these Desert Risks Here

Helpful Links for you and your Pet

Some useful websites for you and your pet:

Diseases, Treatments and Pet Care Tips

Local Pet Regulations, Dog Licensing and Adoptions

  • Pima Animal Care Pima Animal Care Center- Pet Adoptions, Local pet regulations, Newcomer Info, Dog Licensing info and fees
  • Humane Society of Southern ArizonaPet Adoptions, Donation opportunities, Be a Foster Family, Pet health tips and more!

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