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Pet Friend Forever (PFF) Wellness Plans — Better Pet Care, more affordably!

posted by Dr. Deb on January 7th, 2012 in Cats, Dogs, Hospital Announcements

Pet Friends Forever (PFF) Wellness Packages: Discounts, Free Exams, Vaccinations, nail trims and more! Optimal Health Care all in easy Monthly Payment installments!  Bringing the kind of optimal pet care that devoted pet owners want, more affordably!  (30% Savings!) Individually designed for pets with special needs to make caring for those pets easier too! We are bonded more with our pets than ever before.  In today’s high stress world, many of us prefer a relaxing moment on the computer with a cup of tea at hand and a warm cat in our lap than the swirling hubbub of a party full of people. We want our furry companions to be healthy forever, but this high tech world has raised the cost of veteirnary care, along with everything else. We, at Cimarron Animal Hospital, are dedicated to providing optimal wellness care to pets, who are people, too.  So, we’ve been working to create a way for clients to be able to afford the kind of care that they want for their pet companions….  Wellness packages that cover optimal wellness care paid for in more comfortable monthly payments! Our Adult/Senior Pet Friends Forever (PFF) Wellness Packages Include: Optimal Wellness Care:  2 Wellness  Visits, Necessary vaccinations (based on lifestyle risk assessment), Early Disease Detection blood and fecal screening (age appropriate), Professional Dental Cleaning with Dental Radiographs, Blood pressure monitoring, Glaucoma screening,  Arthritis screen radiographs or cardiac screen radiographs if needed.                                             3 FREE Visits during the year for Anything                                             2 FREE Nail Trims                                             FREE Vaccinations – whichever ones are suitable for your pet                                              FREE Radiographs for Senior Pets                                             PRIORITY Scheduling Privileges                                             PRIORITY Call Backs                                            15% Discount on Dental Cleanings (incl anesthesia, IV fluids)

30% Savings on Services, over all!

Peace of Mind:   With the 3 Free Visits, you don’t have to hesitate and second guess yourself about whether it’ll be worth the money to come in– it’s FREE– just come in!  After  all, a real, live vet, actually touching your pet,  who knows your pet personally is going to be able to give you better information about your pet, in your home,  with your lifestyle, than Dr. Google!  And, if they are both free, why not do the best? Special Care can be rolled in:  Pets with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, valley fever, etc need  additional monitoring, chronic medications and special treatments.  All that additional care can be rolled into the package as well, spreading ALL those costs out over monthly payments instead of bigger lumps at a time throughout the year! Better than Big Box Vets’ Wellness Packages:  
  • We don’t make you buy services that your pet doesn’t need.  
  • If your pet passes away or you move, you only have to cover the charges of the services rendered up to that time.  You do not have to continue paying all year (unless you still owe for services and want to continue monthly payments as opposed to a lump sum payment).  We won’t trap you into paying for anything that we haven’t provided!  
  • We have the flexibility to customize packages for our patients with special needs.  Pets are individuals and should not all be treated the same! 
Cost:  Costs for packages vary depending on age and lifestyle of pet and any additional services that you want to include to cover special needs (how about breaking up those Valey fever tests? Diabetic monitoring, renal monitoring, prescription hypoallergenic diet, etc?)
  • Pay $99 (one-time membership fee) plus the first month payment upon enrollment

Then 11 equal payments, monthly, by credit card or bank account auto-withdrawal

  • Pay in Full and receive: 10% off all non-included Services, Medications, Supplements, Prescription Food 
Call for details, limitations and pricing for your pets, please call our office at  520 886-1125  
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