Prescription Request Form

Your prescription request will be reviewed by your pet’s Doctor within 24 hours. You will be called when your prescription is ready for pick up. An assistant will call if there are any concerns about filling the prescription as you request it.

GET YOUR MEDICATIONS DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!  Many prescription medications can be mailed directly to your home.  Please allow 7 days for delivery– Order Ahead!.  Just leave us a note that you would like Home Delivery.  We’ll call you for payment over the phone and start your order!

Please note:
We cannot fill any prescriptions for a pet that has not been seen at Cimarron Animal Hospital within the last 12 months unless we have a written prescription from another veterinarian on file. Prescriptions from other veterinarians may be faxed to us at
520 886-0201 or emailed to

Prescription Request

If you do not hear from us within 24 hours, please call to make sure that your prescription is ready for pick up.

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