Leeanne Salois

Leeanne picVeterinary Assistant
Leeanne received her Veterinary Assistant Associate’s degree with honors from Pima Medical Institute in November of 2008.

Leeanne was inspired to become a Veterinary Assistant by her own veterinary experiences as a child.  She’s currently working toward her Certified Veterinary Technician License, eager to deepen her working knowledge of veterinary medicine and animal nursing! Every day, she revitalizes her enthusiasm for the profession as she learns new things  and new ways to help sick pets. She loves watching them get healthy because of the care we give them.  Her outgoing, bubbly personality brightens everyone’s day while her attention to detail keeps patients well managed and clients happy!  Leeanne has also enjoyed training dogs.  She finds her own reward in teaching dogs new tricks and better manners for their owners.  Spare time finds her home with her family, including her son Donavan and her daughter Brooklyn.  If you need someone to brighten your day, swing by for a smile from Leeanne!

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