Maria Reyes

Veterinary Technician Assistant/ Client Service Liaison Maria just joined our team in November!  Soft spoken in public, but charming in private, she brings peace and warmth everywhere she goes.  She’s learning the routine quickly!  She is fitting right in with the Cimarron Team’s philosophy of honesty, cheer and compassion!  Having worked with rescue dogs and cats, she is passionate about preventive care, further proof that she carries Cimarron’s ideals in her heart! That heart soars when she hears the news that a pet is getting better, and it weeps when a pet or a person is sick or sad.  Her two dogs, Haley and Axl and her two cats, Mogie and Beanie keep her busy at home.  You should see the puppy pile during football games!  for quiet times, Maria reads, scrapbooks and (admits to) binge-watching Netflix (but, really, who doesn’t? Admit it!).  Um… she also actually believes that she speaks fluent puppy and kitten!  How lucky are we?!  
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