Rachel MacDaniels

Rachel picBusiness Administrator
Rachel MacDaniels has been with us since 2010. She brings years of experience in Office Administration & Client Services. Rachel feels passionately that every life is precious and loves being a part of a profession where pets’ lives can be prolonged through great medicine.  She is a compassionate people- person.  She enjoys working with people, helping them solve problems and making their lives better—whether that’s through their pet’s well-being or helping them tackle a personal life challenge.  Rachel’s compassion for animals is obvious in her personal life where she cares for 10 (plus or minus) animals of her own—most of whom have been rescued from poor living conditions or taken in stray off the desert!  She’s our go-to gal for everything from money management, client relations, and water supply to computer IT and facility maintenance and repair.  She gets it done with a smile every time!

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