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Mr Weasley does Telemed consults too!

Cimarron Animal Hospital is now offering  Telehealth Consults (also called Telemedicine)- Virtual Veterinary Health Care –  for our patients!  While there is a fee, it’s still less expensive for you AND less stressful for your pet!  They are a nice way to do recheck exams- when the Doctor doesn’t need to lay hands on the pet.  We can communicate through Skype, Face Time or Phone.

Our Doctors do have to have a “valid Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship” to be able to do Telehealth Consults.  The Doctor participating in the virtual care communication needs to have seen a patient, in person, within at least a year. They need to be intimately knowledgeable of the pet’s current medical condition and have established a relationship with members of the pet’s family.  If any of those factors is not in place, a Telehealth Consult is not appropriate.

Some examples of how we might use Telehealth Consults:

          • Allergy rechecks  ($25.00)
          • Diet and Medication change rechecks/ consults  ($25.00)
          • Behavioral Consults ($40.00)

Create a Skype account if you don’t have FaceTime/ iphone.

Call us if you would like more information about our Virtual Veterinary Health Care options!  520 886-1125

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