Preparing for Your Pet’s Exam…

Outpatient Appointments:

Monday – Friday        8:30 am – 5:00 pm Saturday                  9:00 am- 4:00 pm

Drop Off Appointments:

Monday – Friday      7:30 am- 3:30pm
We do everything possible to keep your appointment on time. Please be as specific as possible when scheduling so we can plan to give you and your pet the time you deserve. As we are an outpatient clinic, surgical hospital, and sometime Emergency Room, our schedule is occasionally disrupted by unforeseen events. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility. 
If you have special needs for your appointment, let us know! We are happy to help! BEFORE YOUR VISIT
  • We will send you information or forms needed for your visit.  You can minimize time in the clinic with your worried pet if you want to fill these out at home and bring them with you or fill in and email back to us!    Please look for emails prior to your visit!

Get Ready for Your Pet’s Exam:

  • Annual Wellness ExamPlease bring a small stool sample. Pets older than 7 years: a urine sample, too, if possible.
  • DiarrheaPlease bring a small fresh stool sample.
  • Urinary Problems – Please Do NOT bring a urine sample. Instead, try to prevent your pet from urinating (by confining indoors, or preventing access to litter boxes) for 3 hours prior to your appointment. This will enable the Doctor to get a clean sample for culture, if necessary, and prevent your pet from having to stay in the hospital while we wait for him to produce a sample.
  • Ear Problems – Do Not clean your pet’s ears or apply medication to your pet’s ears for 24 hours before your appointment. This will allow us to get a diagnostic sample of the discharge from the ears. Microscopic cytology is the best guide for curative ear therapy.
  • Pocket Pets – Because of their small size, fragile temperaments, and unique anatomy, rabbits, rodents, ferrets and birds can be harder to examine. Sometimes, a full physical examination requires sedation. If this is necessary, you may be asked to leave your pet with us for a couple of hours.
  • Drop Offs – When scheduling is tough, you can drop your pet off with us for a couple of hours (while you have some lunch?) or for the day (on your way to work?). Please call ahead of time to schedule. To minimize your wait when you drop off your pet, print, fill out and bring the Hospital Consent Form and Out-Patient History Form. Be sure to leave a phone number or email where you can be reached throughout your pet’s stay. This will expedite your pet’s care as we will be able to discuss our findings with you as soon as your pet has been examined.
  • Surgery Admission – Prior to Surgery most pets (except pocket pets or pets with certain medical conditions— ask us! ) should have no food past midnight the night before surgery.
  •      DO take any daily medication (the use of the tiniest bit of food for this purpose is OK), such as insulin, heart, thyroid, pain medication, etc.
  •      DO provide water up until the time you leave the house.

Payments Options

It is customary to pay for professional services when rendered. We Accept

  • Cash, Checks, Credit Card
  • Pet Insurance – We highly recommend Pet Insurance for all pets. The costs of providing high quality veterinary medicine will continue to increase as your pet ages and he needs more attention to keep him spry and comfortable. Invest now, so you have help as things happen along the active road of life!trupanion medical insurance for your pet
  • Care Credit – This is a line of credit extended for Medical Expenses. It takes only a fewmoments to apply on line or in our office.CareCredit



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