Medical Expense Savings Account (MESA)

Now you can save for your pet’s future Wellness or illness expenses!

MESAs are Cimarron Animal Hospital’s Exclusive In-house “no strings attached” Savings plan for your family’s veterinary expenses.

3% Bonus on your account for deposits made with Cash or Check!

Be recognized by the staff as a Special Client for proactively providing for your pet.

Great for

With money already saved in your pet’s account, you may not even have to bring your wallet to your pet’s next wellness visit! In case of an unexpected illness, or the Big Wellness expenses, like Dental Treatments, there is an extra cushion.

Unlike Insurance Plans, all the money is all yours! No deductables. You get to apply every penny you spend to your pets’ needs, not to padding some Big Company’s

*Our Client Service Liaisons can help you choose a savings plan that’s right for you and your pet based on expected yearly Wellness Expenses!

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