Wellness & Preventive Care

We are strong believers in Wellness care and Preventive Medicine at Cimarron Animal Hospital. As we learn more and more about the specifics of different animals’ diseases, we learn how to prevent them or detect them early. By detecting diseases early, we can implement simple changes such as diet modification or nutritional supplementation, forestalling or preventing medical crises. We can help your pet live longer, happier.

Wellness Screening

As a part of your pet’s Annual Wellness Exam, these tests help our Doctors prevent lurking dangers and detect subclinical disease before your pet develops a painful, debilitating, costly health crisis.
  • Heartworm Testing and Preventive Medication

    Recommended annually to all dogs, especially those living in areas with mosquitoes or that travel to areas with mosquitoes.
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening

    Microscopic and antigen testing of a stool sample detects intestinal parasites that are not only dangerous to your pet, but also potentially contagious to the human members of your household.
  • Adult Wellness Screening

    Recommended for all pets aged 4-8 years of age A simple blood test allows a glimpse at your pet’s liver, kidneys, red and white blood cell counts, platelet counts and checks for diabetes.
  • Senior Screening

    Recommended for all pets aged 8 years and over A blood and urine sample, easily acquired at our hospital, allow us to detect early signs of liver, kidney, pancreas, and urinary bladder disease and infection. Early detection allows our doctors to institute early treatment to reduce your pet’s discomfort, slow down the progression of age- related degenerative disease, and give your treasured family pet a longer, better quality of life.


Not all pets need all vaccinations every year. Rather, Cimarron Animal Hospital believes that a pet’s vaccination requirements should be based on his life style, age, immune status and other risk assessment factors. Our Veterinary Health Care Team can help you make the best decisions about your pet’s vaccinations in order to minimize his vaccination risks and maximize his health and safety.

Glaucoma Testing

Glaucoma is a dangerous elevation of pressure inside the eyeball causing extreme pain and blindness. Just as in humans, glaucoma can be “silent” in the early stages, with no external signs of inflammation or obvious pain (especially in our stoic pets). Many breeds of dogs are especially susceptible to glaucoma. It is recommended that these breeds have a glaucoma test done once a year to detect the disease early in order to institute medical therapy in time to alleviate pain and save vision, avoiding emergency surgery and the loss of the affected eye. The following breeds, notorious for hereditary glaucoma, should be tested annually or whenever they have red eyes:
  • Basset hounds
  • Shar Pei
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Chow Chow
  • Jack Russell terriers

Cardiac Disease Screening

Cardiac disease screening is recommended for all patients diagnosed with a heart murmur or other sign suggestive of heart disease. Boxers and Dobermans, known to develop silent heart disease, should also have a heart disease screening once a year. Several tests are available for Heart Disease Screening: Chest X-rays, EKG, Echocardiography, Blood pressure testing, and a new blood test, the Cardiac proBNP. Your veterinarian can suggest which tests are most appropriate for your pet.

Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis Screening

Hip dysplasia is a developmental disease causing pain and lameness in the hips. Hip Dysplasia screening allows our Doctors to determine the extent of disease in order to make the best recommendations for intervention and treatment. Early intervention, whether medical or surgical, will provide early pain relief and protect the joint as much as possible for as long as possible. Hip Dysplasia Screening is a simple process of taking radiographs with a short-acting, reversible sedative to allow for complete relaxation during the procedure. This sedative also provides pain relief for those patients with hip dysplasia that would otherwise find the procedure uncomfortable. Arthritis Screening allows our Doctors to provide the best recommendations for long term pain management to maximize our patients’ quality of life. Learn More
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